The Advanced PetCare of Oakland Angel Fund

The Angel Fund is a charity that Advanced PetCare of Oakland started in August 2008. This charity was created to help support pet owners financially in the event that they are unable to fund veterinary care for their pets on their own. This wonderful charity is donation-based, running solely on the kind donations from other pet owners like yourself. These generous donations are greatly appreciated by the team at Advanced PetCare of Oakland and also by the families that are in need.

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Ways You Can Help

Donations are accepted in hospital, as well as during Angel Fund Events held throughout the year.

Angel Fund Success Stories

Throughout the years since the Angel Fund was created, we have had the honor of helping many families of pets in need. Below are some of our staff’s favorite picks.


This is Tucker, and he came to us because he was vomiting and all around really sick. He was found to have an intussusception (GI obstruction), and needed surgery. His family couldn't afford the full price of the procedure, and he was a really sweet boy, so we used a portion of our Angel Fund to alleviate a large portion of the cost. Tucker did well throughout the surgery and is living a happy, healthy life. Thank you to all that have donated to the Angel Fund. You saved Tucker's life! If you would like to donate to the Angel Fund, call our clinic or stop on in.


Meet Sammy, an adorable 15 year old Cairn Terrier mix who came to us in dire need of help. She had several wounds on her front leg which could have resulted in her possibly losing the leg. Thanks to all hard work of Dr. Sheldon, Dr. Cornwall, and the staff here at Advanced PetCare of Oakland, Sammy is well on the road to recovery. The Angel Fund helped her owners get the medical care that she so desperately needed - Sammy, her pet parent and all of us here thank all those who donate to this great cause!


Here's our little Angel walking around our treatment area on her second day.


Angel is doing so great. She is feeding herself. Now we no longer have to force feed... if you look closely you can see the food on her nose.. She is beginning to play like a kitten now... she pounced Dr. Sheldon this weekend. She has made great strides and we thank you for your contributions to her continued care.


Good Morning World! If I look sleepy to you this morning, it's because I am... I just ate a huge's nap time for me

See ya soon,


Our little Angel came in for her vaccines and wellness exam today! She is doing very well and has gained a whole pound! Her new owner tells us that she plays with her new brother cat all the time at home and is enjoying life! Thank you to our clients and community for your support of Angel and our Angel Fund!

Dr. Sheldon took Angel to Oakland Veterinary Referral Service to see a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, she received a normal diagnosis. We are so thankful to the staff at OVRS for their generous assistance in Angel's recovery.

Sweet Potato

We appreciate all your donations and well wishes for our Sweet Potato. Tomorrow will be her first surgery to try to correct her eye and provide a temporary solution for her injury by re-aligning her fractured leg. We hope that her leg will heal with just a splint, but unsure if she may require further surgery in the future. We are currently accepting any and all donations to go towards the cost of her surgeries and care until she can find a forever home!

Stay tuned for post-op pictures of our brave little girl! She is always up for visitors so stop on by and meet Sweet Potato.



Our Angel Fund Charity is set up for cases like Merida’s here – a pet with an unexpected emergency.

Little Merida’s tail became stuck earlier today and what is know as ‘degloving’, a type of trauma to the skin of the tail, occurred. We couldn’t leave her with this injury as it is extremely painful and so our Angel Fund comes into play. Dr. Sheldon amputated the portion of the tail that was injured and now Merida will be pain free and it only cost just a few inches of her tail.

We want to thank our generous donors throughout the year – if it wasn’t for you, our Angel Fund wouldn’t be available to Merida.


Riley came to us in January for a suspected bladder infection. After further examination and labwork, it was found that Riley had bladder stones and unable to empty his bladder due to a blockage from the stones. This is an emergency situation and, if left untreated, can lead to kidney failure, bladder issues and sometimes even death. Since this was an unexpected emergency, Riley's family was not prepared for the costs associated with treatment, but with the help of our Angel Fund, we were able to assist in making sure Riley got the emergency surgery that he needed! Riley's surgery was a complete success thanks to Dr. Sheldon and Riley is on his way to a full recovery.