About Advanced PetCare of Oakland in Clarkston

At Advanced PetCare of Oakland, we are constantly seeking to provide the best veterinary care, the most compassionate service, and the kindest treatment of every companion animal that comes through our doors.

About Advanced PetCare of Oakland in Clarkston, MI
Cat relaxing in a pet bed at our animal hospital

Our Team's Commitment

We have a commitment to our patients and their families. It is:

  • Honor the special bond between people and their pets
  • Treat all pets as valued family members
  • Stay at the top of the profession with continuing education
  • Display professionalism in all that we do
  • Do our best to accommodate your schedule
  • Provide suggestions for preventive care

Advanced PetCare of Oakland's Affiliations

Our team’s commitments extend into the community as well. We are active members of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Southeastern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

We play an active role in the local school districts, including participating in job shadowing, internships, tours, and more. We have been the chosen veterinarian for the local Petco stores since 2000, providing care to their pets in need. This affiliation even inspired us to add reptile care to our areas of expertise! We have also started and implemented a fund called Advanced PetCare of Oakland Angel Fund. This fund is supported by local donations and used to provide health care to homeless animals or owners with financial needs.

Our Story, Told by Dr. Bryan Cornwall – Founder

Perhaps my company story started when I was in third grade. I slipped on the ice running home from school and ended up in the hospital for two weeks with a serious infection. This is when I first became enthralled with the medical field. This was just the beginning of many future visits to the emergency room. I was a very accident prone child and needed to visit the emergency room an average of once per year for the first 25 years of my life. Indeed, as you will see, it was actually the emergency visit at 25 years of age that was the most life changing.

Upon graduating from High School, instead of pursuing medicine, I went to college to study chemical engineering. I figured this would fit in well with my academic strengths in math and chemistry. Plus, I would only need four years of college before I started earning a healthy income. As I was to learn, however, success is not only defined by income. In 1983, at 25 years of age, after working at Dow Corning Corporation for three years, I woke up Christmas morning vomiting blood. By the time I got to the hospital, I had a blood pressure of only 80 over 30. I almost died that day of a bleeding ulcer. This should have been the best time of my life. I'd been married only two months, had a very promising career and a nice home. However, having a near brush with death tends to cause one to reflect on their life. I realized then that I had better change the path I was on or I may not see another Christmas.

What I wanted most at that point was to get away from the corporate politics and be my own boss. But I also wanted to make a difference and leave some sort of legacy. The answer seemed obvious. I would become a medical doctor. After talking to my own childhood doctor, however, I realized that going into human medicine was not going to get me away from corporate politics. In fact, medicine was quickly changing from a world of private practice to one of corporate medicine.

Then one day, driving home from work, it suddenly all made sense. That day, as well as every other day, I watched two beautiful standard bred horses run freely in their white picket-fenced paddock. It was my favorite part of the drive as I loved watching them and, sometimes, would even stop, get out of my car, and observe them from the fence. My whole life I loved animals and it was not until this moment that it occurred to me that I could combine my love for animals and medicine by pursuing the field of veterinary medicine. In addition, I would be able to pursue my dream of owning my own business.

I received my doctorate of veterinary medicine in 1989 and began my carrier with incredible passion. I couldn't get enough experience and loved every aspect of my new profession. I spent my first three years absorbing as much knowledge and technical skills as possible. I did this by working in private practice, emergency medicine, and doing relief work often combining these into 16 hour days. I then felt I was ready to tackle anything so I started Independence Animal Hospital in 1992 in Independence Township, Michigan. We were located in a lease space in a strip mall. In order to borrow the money to open, I had to put our house on the line for collateral. This did not bother me as I believed in my purpose and I had passion!

I was determined to build a practice that had a reputation of providing excellent care, outstanding customer service, integrity, and reliability all delivered with empathy and compassion. It was not an easy road as I had much to learn about hiring and training the right staff. Over the next twelve years we grew to be well respected not only in the community but also by our colleagues. It was at this point that we decided that our name, Independence Animal Hospital, did not adequately convey who we were and what we stood for. We, therefore, changed our name to Advanced PetCare of Oakland. This name better explained the type of service we provide, our caring attitude, and also informed potential clients that we were equipped to serve a much larger geographical area i.e. Oakland County versus Independence Township.

Each day, as a team, we strive to be better than the day before. We know where we are headed and we will get there. We are very passionate about what we do and will continue to nourish and strengthen the special bond people have with their pets.


Dr. Bryan M. Cornwall