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CIV Clinic #3 (3)

Join us for our Canine Influenza Event - December 5th from 9-6pm!

With the holidays coming – is your pet 100% protected?

Advanced PetCare of Oakland is proud to announce our first Canine Influenza Clinic* hosted at our hospital on December 5th, 2018 from 9-6pm.

Did you know that Oakland County currently has the highest rate of confirmed cases of Canine Influenza in Michigan? It is now more important than ever to make sure your pet is protected from this very preventable respiratory disease. This virus can spread from one dog to another through direct contact with respiratory secretions (coughing and sneezing) and contact with contaminated objects (toys, bedding, food/water bowls, etc.). The virus can survive in the environment for up to two days and on hands or clothing for up to 24 hours.

Our clinic will help reduce the risk of your pup contracting canine influenza. Vaccination may not all together prevent an infection, but it may reduce the severity and duration of clinical illness.
We are asking you to call to reserve your technician spot for November 14th and December 5th, 2018. The CI Vaccine is a 2-part vaccine series, with the booster administered 3 weeks later. Zoetis, the manufacture of our CI Vaccine, has generously offered a $10.00 instant rebate on the 2nd portion of the vaccine during your technician appointment.

Call us today to get your pup scheduled for the Canine Influenza Vaccine.

*Any pet that has not been seen in the last 6 months by our doctor will require a Doctor exam in order to receive the canine influenza vaccine.


Our Very Own Kristine Lee Has Been Chosen As 1 of 3 finalists for Petplan's 2016 Practice Manager of the Year award!

Bark it from Clarkston's rooftops! Hometown hero Kristine Lee of Advanced PetCare of Oakland has been sniffed out as one of just three Finalists from across the U.S. and Canada for Petplan’s 2016 Practice Manager of the Year award.

Kristine stood head and tails above the competition. An independent Judging Panel, made up of esteemed veterinary experts and industry leaders, carefully chose the Finalists from over 4,800 nominations. Finalists were selected for their impact on veterinary medicine and their commitment to providing an exceptional level of care to pets. The panel also considered the more than 5,900 online votes of support from clients, colleagues and pet parents.

“The finalists for our Practice Manager of the Year award go through an extremely rigorous selection process,” says Petplan co-founder and co-CEO Natasha Ashton. “ Kristine distinguished herself for providing truly exceptional care and support to pets, pet parents and their practice, and I’m delighted to welcome her to the Finalists’ fold!”

PAWsitively Fit Program

Advanced PetCare of Oakland now has a PAWsitively Fit Program!

Our PAWsitively Fit Program was designed to help your pet lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Like people, extra weight on your pet can have severe health risks. We currently have three certified weight coaches. Our weight coaches will help you and your pet learn new tips on weight loss and fitness to help reach your pet’s weight goal.

After completing a physical exam and bloodwork, to make sure there are no underlying diseases present, you get 8 weigh-in appointments, one on one with your weight coach. Our weight coaches calculate the amount of calories your pet should consume in a day, give snacking tips, and give you ideas to promote healthy exercise.

Call us today to get started!